We’ve Got Fresh Turkeys And All The Trimmings!

Rineer Family Farms is offering Fresh Turkeys this year for your Thanksgiving Holiday! We have partnered with Yorksprings Turkey Farm from New Oxford, PA to bring you fresh, delicious, hormone and antibiotic free Thanksgiving Turkeys.

This year we will be offering three size ranges for your Turkey –
10 – 12 Lbs. – $45.00
12 – 14 Lbs. – $52.50
14 – 16 Lbs. – $60.00

There are three separate times and locations for your convenience.
Tuesday, November 25th at Rittenhouse Square – 10 to 1
Tuesday, November 25th at Chestnut Hill – 4 to 5:30
Wednesday, November 26th at Suburban Station – Noon – 6:00

Payment must be made up front and is non-refundable

Orders must be in by November 12th! Limited Availability…Get them while you can!

Order Your Turkey!

And now… the trimmings!

As most of you know, Rineer Family Farms offers a farm share and we aren’t stopping for the Thanksgiving Holidays! We are going to have a special Thanksgiving share for our members and will be offering this share to our regular customers as well! For $40.00, you will receive –

Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Butter, Carrots, Frozen Corn from this year’s Sweet Corn Crop, Butternut Squash, Brussels Sprouts, A Dozen Eggs and a surprise Thanksgiving Item. 

Finally, if you are not a member of our Farm Share and you purchase a Turkey, we will offer you the special share for free if you sign up for a 10 week Farm Share. In other words, you will get 11 shares for the price of 10!

Order Your Trimmings