A Family Farm…

The Rineer Family Farm is nestled in the rolling hills of southern Lancaster County along the banks of the Pequea Creek. Lancaster County has some of the most fertile farmland in the United States, earning it the title “The Garden Spot.” The Rineer farm covers 110 acres of this fertile ground and includes tilled fields, grazing pastures, and watershed.

The Rineer family is particularly proud that their family farm is a Preserved Farm in Lancaster County. This program, run by the Lancaster Farmland Trust, assures the farm will remain in agriculture and be available for future generations of farmers. The Daryl Rineer raises a wide variety of produce on their farm including fruits and vegetables. The available products change with the seasons, providing delectable treats for the entire summer.

Rineer produce and meats can be found throughout Philadelphia. Rineer participates in three farmers’ markets that run all year. Rineer is featured at the Rittenhouse Farmers’ Market, and the Chestnut Hill Farmers’ Market. Rineer products can be purchased from the Rineer Family Farm Family Farm Share as well! All information can be found on this website!