Winter is Here! Time For A Farm Share!


About our farm share –

After almos three years in, we fell like we know a thing or two about farm shares. Now, as the Spring season is upon us, we have decided to take the opportunity to roll out our new share. We at Rineer Family Farms are into convenience. We think that part of the reason that you get a farm share is because it’s convenient to know you have some/most of your grocery shopping done in a box, waiting for you at the farmers’ market. This is why we are introducing the Rineer Family Farms 10 or 5 Week Farm Share! While we always maintain the highest quality standards at our farm stand, a farm share ensures you get the finest produce guaranteed! You aren’t going to have to bummed if something is sold out…it will be waiting for you!

Since we already know we can provide you with the freshest produce all year ’round, regardless of season, we have decided to let you by your share whenever you want, any time of year! 10 weeks straight or 5 weeks straight! No more half/full shares/prorated shares…just your share, every week.

Base Share
You get this share for 10 or 5 weeks straight!  Plus, with the 10 week share, you get 10% off at the farm stand for those 10 weeks and with the 5 week share you get 5% off the farm stand for those 5 weeks! Each share is exactly the same size and includes – 1 Surprise Item, 1 Dozen Eggs, 1 Canned Item and 5 Seasonal Fruits/Vegetables/Mushrooms!  

Perhaps you want Summer produce but are vacationing all of August – then maybe a 5 week share is for you! Maybe you just want produce in January and February when the markets are thin…a 10 week in January is for you! No more having to get in at the beginning of the season for the full value of your share!

If you have a family vacation planned next month, just get a 5 week share. If you aren’t doing anything for a few months and know you’ll be around, a 10 week is for you!

In an added twist, we are offering discounts at the stand for share members! If you get a 5 week share, you still get the customary 5% discount for the life of your share; BUT now…if you sign up for a 10 week share, you can now get a 10% discount for the life of your share! This goes for all items at the stand…including pastured meats!!!

Pick up locations include our farm stands at Rittenhouse Square, Chestnut Hill, Suburban Station. If you live in Northeast Philadelphia – we deliver!

So there you have it! The Rineer 10 or 5 Farm Share! Even the name has a nice ring to it! We look forward to serving you THROUGHOUT THE YEAR! Only the best, and most convenient, from the Rineer Family Farms.

Each share is exactly the same size and includes – 1 Surprise Item, 1 Dozen Eggs, 1 Canned Item and 5 Seasonal Fruits/Vegetables/Mushrooms!

10 Week Share is $330.00 and a 5 Week Share is $200.00

Please keep in mind that if you can’t make it to pick up your share in a particular week, you will need to make arrangements for someone else to pick up your share. If you skip a week, your share will be donated to charity. We no longer can hold shares. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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